Supplier's Application for Accreditation


  1. Accomplish the Supplier's Registration Information Sheet (SRIS) legibly and completely.

  2. Submit the SRIS and the documentary requirements with the BAC Secretariat and obtain Order of Payment for the accreditation fee. Pay the accreditation fee of P 200.00 with the Cash Division of the Provincial Treasurer's Office.

  3. Return the photocopy of original receipt of payment with the BAC Secretariat.

  4. Only application for accreditation with complete documentary requirements shall be considered for evaluation.

  5. A certificate of accreditation shall be issued signed by the BAC Chairman which shall be valid for one (1) year from issuance.

  6. Accredited Suppliers of the PGB should maintain current and updated its file of eligibility documents.

  7. Issuance of Certificate of Accreditation shall not preclude the BAC to revoke the same after findings of any misrepresentation, falsification or fraud in the submission of the documents.

  8. All documents to be submitted must be certified as true or Xerox copy by the supplier.